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Alexandra's Legacy (2009)

by N.J. Walters(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 3
1605048038 (ISBN13: 9781605048031)
Samhain Publishing
review 1: I would give this book 2.5 stars. It was ok. This is a instant-love/connection kind of book, Which, i dont mind at all, but this was over the course of like 3 days. I find that a lil ridiculous.Felt like the main hero wanted to rape the heroine at times, because she was sleeping when he would touch her. The story had no depth. I was all about wolves chasing the couple because she was going into "heat". And not just a couple of wolves, it was multiple packs, and human hunters too. Stupid.The hero keeps waiting to "take" the heroine because he wants her to have a choice and because the traditional challenge should be completed, but the challenge never happens. The author also skips the "wedding" ceremony which for me was a downer because it kind of portrays that the book was... more only about physical attraction and not love.It was good action tho. The scenes are decently described and the heroine is not the kind of fragile thing you see on some of these books.The hero is possessive but he controls his emotions nicely.Not my kind of book. Sorry, I would not recommend this one.
review 2: Too many clichés for me. And I have never been a fan of the uncontrollable sexual urge because you are a were/whatever and smell of arousal. I like a romance where the couple is actually attracted to each other because of who they are - characteristics, personality, and appearance ie the whole package. Not where they are both the same species, have sex and some how that is supposed translate into forever love. Not to me. And I hate the male dominated misogynistic rules of the werewolf pack. But if you don't mind these standard werewolf novel tropes then you may enjoy this one. Alex herself is likeable enough. I would have enjoyed it more if they got to wolf creek and she got to met and interact with more of the single wolves before picking her mate, perhaps then I would have felt like she chose him for who he is rather than because he was the first male wolf she met when she was in heat. less
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Not the best PN romance I've read but defiantly not the worst either. A good read.
Loved it. lots of suspense. good story.
review to come
2.5 stars
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