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I Am Nujood, Age 10 And Divorced (2010)

by Nujood Ali(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 5
0307589676 (ISBN13: 9780307589675)
Crown Publishing Group / Three Rivers Press
review 1: I enjoyed reading this book because it's very heart touching. It starts with a girl named Nujood. She's a normal girl who goes to school and does everything a 9 year old girl does. She is from Yemen, and in Yemen most parents marry of their kids at a very young age. Nujood came back from school like any other day but when she got home her father Aba told her she was going to marry a delivery man, three times her age!!! Since the day of her wedding she had been living a scary and frighting life. Nujood wanted to end that scary and frighting life so she had enough courage to go somewhere where she knows will end that life. I also really like this book because there are some points in the book where you think this will happen but then something different happens. I really rec... moreommend for you to read this book.
review 2: Imagine a life chosen for you. You have no say. You're treated like nothing. You don't get to chose where you live, what you wear, what you do all day, and even whom you will spend the rest of your life with. Nujood, age nine, was married off to a man three times her age. Her whole entire world was swept underneath her feet, with just a signature on a piece of paper Nujood lost her family, her home, her best friend, her school, and her happiness. Moved to a whole different village, Nujood had to live with a monster, who would sexually abuse her every night, no matter how loud her pleas were or how much she sobbed. After months of abuse and beatings, Nujood ran away hoping to get a divorce. After a long and stressful process, the judge decided the marriage was illegal, and Nujood was divorced!In Yemen many girls suffer the same fate as Nujood. A lot of poor families in Yemen sell thier children for rials (money). Nujood's father believed strongly in early age marriages. He married off both of Nujood's sisters as children. This book is a memoir, a book that is written solely on memory. A memoir is different from an auto-biography because an auto-biography has to be completely true or factual. A memoir is based on memory so it might not be completely true if someone didn't remember it right. Since Delphine Miniou and Nujood wrote the book together, it helped younger people understand the book/concept more, yet I did have to look up definitions of words often. What also helped is, the authors put in notes to explain words or phrases that are from The Middle East that people might not know about. There also was an epilogue that gave a lot of facts about early age marriages, which was very insightful. Overall, this book was written very well, and was well thought out.Nujood's story is really heart provoking and encouraging. For her to write a book this personal is very brave. Now she is probably eleven years old, and she has already been through so much in her life. From having no say in anything, to transforming into a courageous young girl is very inspirational. The book inflences people to do something about making marriage for women more equal. I think the authors wrote it mainly for women all around the world that might not think marriage equality for women is a big deal, but this book really changes your perspective about that issue. Even though the book was very well written, I have one critique, after Nujood got divorced I feel like the book didn't really have a point, so maybe the authors could have cut out a couple of chapters and edited the book some more. I would still give this book a nine out of ten because it really shows you the power of women. This book is great for anyone who is looking for a new caring leader, who's story and personality is infectious. If your in the mood for a beautiful story, then you should read this book. less
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A must-know-about story, but I wish there was an adult version with more 'meat' to it.
A very compelling book, although not as well written as could be.
This is a story that shows us the strenght of women! I loved it
You will quickly fall in love with Nujood. :)
What a great read! A must read......
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