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Revolutionary Russia, 1891-1991: A History (2014)

by Orlando Figes(Favorite Author)
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0805091319 (ISBN13: 9780805091311)
Metropolitan Books
review 1: I've liked some of Figes's other books, but this one left me cold. Partly that's because much of it is a warmed-over, Reader's Digest version of his more focused studies, but the book additionally tries to jam a hundred years of history into a thesis about "revolution" where the word has either lost all meaning or could equally apply to the periods before and after he discussed. As a short history of the domestic politics of the Soviet Union, this is okay, but even for that purpose it's unbalanced, with much deeper coverage before the death of Stalin.
review 2: Economic distress, political repression, revolution... A wonderfully incisive analysis of a century of Russian history and politics, which establishes the continuity among Russian rulers - the Romanovs
... more, the communists and the others - and how this proud and great land has lived - and often suffered - under various ideologies of the Right and the Left , absolute monarchist, communist, Jacobin and great powerist.... A must read for anyone interested in this topic as Figes encapsulates the broad trends in robust prose less
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I only read up to Stalin,and it was very good. I will update when I get around to checking again..
Lots of interesting, digestible insights on a complex, tortured & sometimes dangerous country.
Succinct, compact, and thorough overview of Bolshevik Russia and all its important personas.
Good overview of the period and topic. Nicely broken down into easily digestible sections.
A century of politics in under 300 pages!
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