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Crimean War (2000)

by Orlando Figes(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I think that this book presents a reader with a comprehensive overview of the Crimean War and gives an intelligent insight into the present day international politics and Russian sentiment towards Crimea. Also, it highlights the tensions between the Russian administration and Muslim population of the Crimea, first of all, Crimean Tatars which is being partly repeated in current Russian policies filled with suspicion and mistrust towards its non-Christian residents. It is an excellent read.
review 2: This book does a good job of not only explaining the battles in this forgotten war but also to explain the motivations leading up to and motivations for its ending. It is a very good overview of the entire conflict with equal measures given to both the individual so
... moreldiers, the generals, and the public opinions of the time for each army. If you know nothing of the Crimean War besides Tennyson's poem,The Charge of the Light Brigade, then this is a good place to start. less
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Mr. Figes seems to have done his homework. Very detailed. A bit dry but is cohesive.
I learned what I set out to learn but didn't love the education. Flat and digressive.
Possibly more interesting to a history geek
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