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Nan's Story (2012)

by Paige Farmer(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 1
1477414738 (ISBN13: 9781477414736)
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review 1: Nan's Story was a long one. It jumped back and forth between what she did and what she was doing. Her entanglements in other's lives and her relationship with her family. It was slow in the beginning but something made me hang on. Was it the mixed up life Nan had? or just the fact that there was a secret somehwere in the story that I had to find out.Will her life ever be a "happily ever after" story? Or was she doomed to be forever lost. Read this story, you wont be disappointed.....
review 2: This is a lovely story. I received it just 2 days ago, and literally could not put it down. By the end of the story I was crying, learning the story of this woman's life and the things she had endured, and gained. Very well written, it reads quickly and draws you
... moreinto the character's life. All I wanted to do was find out more, to read just one more page, to have just one more minute in the story. Admittedly, I'm more into sci-fi, however I was pleasantly surprised to find myself so drawn in. less
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Won as part of the Goodreads first reads program. Review to come.
Fantastic book, could NOT put it down
Free on Amazon 10/27 and 10/28/12
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