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Finding The Angel Within: Spirituality, Body Image, And Self-Worth (2008)

by Pamela H. Hansen(Favorite Author)
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1590388658 (ISBN13: 9781590388655)
Shadow Mountain
review 1: This book was given to me by my mom a long time ago and has just been sitting on the nightstand. The title and picture on the cover made it appear to be a self-helpie-ish kind of book that I wasn't very interested in reading. But I picked it up and finished it quickly, and I'm glad I read it. The author is LDS, teaches weight loss/management classes and serves on the Women's Advisory Council at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center (where she has received awards for her contributions to women's health). This book is a prequel to her book "Running With Angels" which I haven't read but to which she refers often in this book (so I almost feel as though I've read it). Basically it is about the author's experience with suffering, losing over 100 lbs and becoming a runner, storie... mores of other's suffering and their insights, and uplifting ideas about our precious, sacred bodies. A quote from the back cover: "Pam Hansen so eloquently demonstrates her ability to combine a predominately social issue [body image] with spirituality, in a way that is both insightful and reader friendly. Her personal struggles and triumphs solidify the concept that self-acceptance, self-love, and peace with one's body can be obtained. I highly recommend this book." I recommend it too and would be happy to loan my copy to anyone who wants to read it.
review 2: Also a very inspiring book as her other book "Running with Angels", this one didn't seem to apply to me as much as the other one did. But she shares some very inspiring stories to help boost one's self-worth. A great book that I would recomment to anyone, especially someone who struggles from time to time to understand their real value as a person.Also, I like Pamela Hansen because she gave me a guaranteed entry into the St. George Marathon. less
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I really liked this book It's a self-help book regarding spirituality, body image and self-worth.
If you've read Pamela's first book, then move on and read this one. It's great!
Wonderful book! Highly recommend!!
Love this book. Very uplifting.
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