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Sister Betty Says I Do (2013)

by Pat G'Orge-Walker(Favorite Author)
4.11 of 5 Votes: 4
0758289855 (ISBN13: 9780758289858)
review 1: The main characters this time around in Sister Betty says I do are Freddie Noel and Sister Betty. Yes, the church bells are suppose to ring for their wedding. However, every obstacle in the world seems to show up. It's as if that ole devil doesn't want these two lovebirds to tie the knot. Not only does the devil want to stop a wedding, he wants to dirty the name of the finest pastor ever, Reverend Leotis. Surprisingly or not surprisingly, Reverend Leotis seems to need a woman companion. He's looking too. The two ladies who have their eyes on him are Sister Ima and Sharvon. Sister Ima does a Holy dance one Sunday in church. Her holly rolling body says more than any altar call should say or show. I hope in the next novel Pat G'orge Walker picks up with Reverend Leotis' rov... moreing eye. I also can't wait to read again about Freddie and Sister Betty. I think Sister Betty will make a fine First Lady, but you never know. As the novel explains, it's not easy being the wife of a minister whether it's a mega church or a small church.It's easily seen this novel is about more than romantic matches. It's also about friendship and family. Thurgood and his wife Delilah come to town because of their relationship counseling skills. They are deeply concerned about all the problems Brother Freddie and Sister Betty are experiencing. They are quick to give their advice. Their marriage is a testament to the fact that love relationships can work. This novel is also about keeping secrets. The waters toss and turn like a stormy sea when Sharvon knows this, and should she tell. Then, there are secrets from Sister Betty. All of these secret holders cause a real tizzy of topsy turvy going ons.There is Sharvon. She is Sister's Betty relative. She stays with Sister Betty while trying to help iron out the difficulties that arise. However, it's not long before she is part of the problem. At one point Sister Betty almost loses her religion. This is unbelievable because Sister Betty is one of the finest Christians a person would want to meet. She is a prayer warrior. Plus, she always talks about the power of the LORD. He is able always, as far as she's concerned.Sister Betty Says I do by Pat G'orge Walker proves that none of us are above temptation. Though temptation may come whom will we answer? That ole Satan or the LORD? I came away from the novel grateful to relearn that life is tough. The Christian life is not a piece of cake or a walk down the kat walk. We are all imperfect beings striving to do good. It seems a lot of the backsliders are sitting right in the pews of Reverend Leotis' church. That's alright. As Sister Betty might say, it's all in HIS hands. So will Sister Betty say I do in peace, or will it be like Hell has arrived on earth?patgorgewalker
review 2: Can't. Stop. Laughing!Pat G'orge-Walker took us there once again with a side-splitting tale of Sister Betty and her family/friends/foes/folks she's not sure about.All Sister Betty wants to do is get to the altar with her beloved, Trustee Freddie Noel. Between health challenges, interfering church mothers Sasha Pray Onn and Bea Blister, her pastor's challenging love life and just plain old stubbornness between two lifelong singles, that simple desire is in jeopardy.Sister Betty is thrilled to have her young cousin, successful attorney Sharvon, move to her town to take a new job, but not so thrilled to see her pastor Leotis Tom torn between feelings for Sharvon and lust for the recently un-engaged Ima Hellraiser. She's already saddled with Mothers Pray Onn and Blister determined to throw her a wedding reception when she has specifically told them not to; all this drama is causing friction between her and her beloved Freddie. In her usual hilarious style, G'orge-Walker takes us through all their trials and tribulations and still finds a way to remind us that God is still in charge, even when we're so busy doing our own thing that we can't remember this. No spoilers here, but I'm still cracking up at how each of these pressing situations gets resolved. Warning: do NOT read this book in a public setting where folks will look at you strangely when you burst out laughing. less
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I truly enjoyed this book and its is one of my favorites of this series!
First time reading about Sister Betty. I really enjoy the story.
I just have two words: whore derbys!
Loved it!
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