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Grimm Fairy Tales: Robyn Hood (2013)

by Patrick Shand(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 2
193706879X (ISBN13: 9781937068790)
review 1: I love these Grimm books and I quite enjoyed the first four chapters of this one when Robyn was sent to the village of Bree, but once she came back to our world again the story just became too violent. As always with these books we get lots of sexy outfits but I don't mind that. The violence is high, but the sex and language are low in this volume. A good fun romp most of the time. While not graphically detailed, this volume is a bit more intense than other Grimms I've read as it deals with rape early on setting a serious tone which is left behind while Robyn goes to Bree. The re-imagining of the whole Robin Hood story is told in this volume and was a whole lot of fun. I enjoyed how key elements of the familiar tale were incorporated into the story. I became uncomfo... morertable with the story in the last chapter when Robyn comes home and turns into an excessively violent vigilante distributing her own brand of justice to those who were in any way connected with hurting her. I felt it went too far and I lost any empathy I felt for her, though she isn't a particularly empathetic character to begin with. I was surprised and pleased with how the story twisted and turned into the beginning of a new story arc which leaves us waiting to read the next volume. Not my favourite Grimm story but I'll certainly read the next volume.
review 2: I've heard nothing but good things about this title and I was not disappointed. Zenescope's Robyn Hood is the retelling of the famous tale taking place in Myst - their fantasy world. The plot was believable, the characters very enjoyable and well scripted, and the ending a great way to tie up a beginning and lead to a second adventure. Would definitely suggest to any Zeneescope fan or a fan of the classic Robin Hood. less
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ugh, rape is not an effective storyline. Find some other way to break down a female protagonist.
Enjoyed it! Beautiful Artwork ... One hell of a story! Review will be up sooner or later! :D
Excellent story and art. Would love to see this made into a movie. Highly recommended.
I didn't realize this was all about her boobs.
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