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Here I Am (2000)

by Patti Kim(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 4
1479519316 (ISBN13: 9781479519316)
review 1: This book forced me to slow down to read. I am not really a big fan of wordless picture books nor graphic novels, and I find them both hard. Here I Am kind of mixes both. Still, when I slowed down to try to absorb the pictures, I could follow the storyline better than the first time I opened it, flipped through a few pages, and gave up. I like the way the art went from chaotic and overwhelming at first to more orderly, with more white space and beauty, as the book went on. Although I wouldn't read this book myself just for pleasure, I do think it's a worthwhile story, great for sharing the immigration experience.
review 2: The story of Here I Am is interesting. Through beautifully painted (collage-like) pictures, a boy's journey into a new land is depicted. You
... more can see how lonely he is and how he starts to make friends. The paintings are what drew me to this book. The colors are vibrant and the illustrator's style is eye catching. Yes, I liked the story, but I loved the pictures. This is perfect since there are no words until the end. less
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It's a good book. It says everything in pictures and you can imagine what's being thought / said.
Good for grades 2-up Themes of immigration
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