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The Lost Barkscrolls (2001)

by Paul Stewart(Favorite Author)
4.34 of 5 Votes: 5
0552555991 (ISBN13: 9780552555999)
review 1: Plot: This is actually a collection of four short stories, but all four were beautifully written. They fill in a few gaps between the trilogies, so the crazy fans (like myself! haha) can be fulfilled in knowing what happened in between.Characters: Maugin has ALWAYS been my favorite character, even when she was first introduced in book one. So her story was by far my favorite. I did like Keris though, despite my eternal disappointment in Twig not marrying Maugin instead of Keris's slaughterer mom. (For those who are wondering, these are not spoilers. The family tree is in a few of the books. The spoiler would be why Twig didn't marry Maugin, therefore I'm not telling you.)Setting: I liked how they had all the different places from all four stories. It was refreshing to be r... moreeminded of how much I loved the world in these stories!Overall: Of course, I loved these side books as much as the full series. I would advise if you are going to pursue this series however, to finish the ten books first, then these. Otherwise... there will be spoilers!
review 2: I'm a big fan of the Edge Chronicles so I was excited to get a chance to revisit their world. Following the characters, places, and creatures that make this seris so interesting, we get to find out more information about the times and adventures Edge characters experience. A great series for young readers who are reluctant readers because the illustrations in this book are awesome. A great addition to a great series. less
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Awesome addition to the Edge Chronicles series. If your a fan it is a must read.
Still enjoying this series. 1 more to go, it has been a journey.
great books inside
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