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That Kind Of Woman (2013)

by Paula Reed(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 5
162051060X (ISBN13: 9781620510605)
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review 1: That Kind of Woman is a one of a kind historical romance. Unique in every way. It is a story overflowing with emotions that will easily garner your sympathy for all of the characters and pull you right into their world.Miranda is the acknowledged love child of a powerful Duke and his longtime mistress. Her parents are self involved leaving Miranda to live an empty life...devoid of the respect that she deserves. Spurned by society because of her unfortunate circumstances. Miranda dreams of life with a man who cherishes her and plenty of children to love. It is easy to see why she jumped at the chance to marry the Earl of Danforth, a kind man that she hopes will fulfill her dreams. Those dreams are crushed when she finds her new husband in bed with another man. Even worse, s... morehe has to keep the secret about her husband or risk even further ruin. And she finds herself dreaming of her husbands younger brother , Andrew. This story is very character driven, with compelling characters and I found myself feeling compassion for all of them. Miranda was a strong woman who withstood many trials. People were not very kind to her. But I found it hard to believe that she would settle for friendship at the loss of everything else she wanted. Andrew was an even more complex character, and harder to like. He was arrogant and he insulted Miranda too many times for me to forgive him. He basically told her that she was good enough to bed but not good enough to wed. He was just plain mean, and I could not find it in my heart to forgive him for humiliating Miranda after his brothers funeral. Miranda forgave him, because that is the way the story is supposed to go. But in the end, I did not believe his change of heart after being disappointed so many times. Now I've ranted long enough. So let me just say that I enjoyed this story very much. I loved it for the uniqueness of the story and for the complex characters. It certainly got me involved in the characters and their world. That is what an entertaining story is supposed to do. I'm going to recommend this book to historical fans that are looking for something fresh and bold ,with characters that will pull at your emotions. I found myself in tears several times throughout the story. It is a story that is unique in its own way, and will keep you engaged the whole way through. This book is a must read for all historical romance fans, and one that you don't want to miss. ARC received courtesy of the publisher via Netgalley in return for my honest opinion.
review 2: This is a most original and phenomenal historical romance! One of the finest I've read to date. Not only are the characters superb and complex, but Paula Reed's eloquent prose dances right off the pages to evoke tears from me at multiple points in the novel.Miranda Henley is the bastard daughter of the Duke of Montheath and his mistress. The Duke and Miranda's mother have been deeply in love for 20 years, leading to the Duke's public acknowledgement of Miranda as his love child. Despite this powerful backing, Miranda has always endured the horrors of ton gossips and unwelcome advances from these "gentlemen." Finally, when she receives a marriage proposal from the Earl of Danford, a kind man who promises to cherish her, she would never imagine how it would turn out...Some stories focus in on the plot, while others are very character driven. This is a prime example of the latter. Miranda is a most unusual character, possessing great intelligence, spirit, empathy, and is just about the kindest heroine I've met. Considering that she spent her whole life dodging accusations of being a loose woman due to her mistress mother, she has shown backbone in dealing with life's adversities, and even more spirit when confronted with the truth of her marriage. What I find unbelievable is her capacity for selflessness and good will. Andrew is also a very interesting character, though not as much as Miranda. Underneath his tough military exterior lies a man who is unsure of how to deal with a young daughter's grief and how to manage his unruly household. Amidst it all is his overwhelming attraction with his brother's widow, to which he cannot help but succumbs. His arrogance garnered my dislike a bit, but he does redeem himself with both his family and Miranda. Adding to the complexity of the main characters is a fantastic cast of secondary characters who stay true to themselves. The family and relationship dynamics explored in this story are more complex than that of a usual historical romance of this length, for which I am grateful. All in all, this is a must-have book for any romance reader wanting a fantastic love story. less
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