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The Fragile World (2014)

by Paula Treick DeBoard(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 4
0778316769 (ISBN13: 9780778316763)
review 1: An emotional story about the Kaufman family and how the death of their prodigy son affected the entire family. I enjoyed the author's writing and the alternating viewpoint of the chapters (from Curtis and Olivia). I never felt fully connected to Curtis' character though and perhaps that was intentional but found myself skimming some of his chapters as they seemed to drone on. The ending came together in a flurry with a great building of emotions. I cannot say that the ending made sense to me but it does provide for some lively discussion.
review 2: Terrifying and inexplicably healing at the same time. So well written I was certain that I was reading a true story. The author captures raw emotion and develops characters who tear at your heart strings. I l
... moreove the back drop of the Midwest and how ordinary days, tasks, and people promote healing and a new normal. Mother Father, Co-workers, Daughter, friend, husband, wife relationships are as "real-life" as it gets. A good pace of plot development and an unexpected twist at the end makes this book a good read. less
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This book was just ok for me. Somewhat predictable. I thought the mother was selfish.
Long book that was worth the wait until the end! Enjoyed this!
very well written and enjoyable to read
Full Review to come
3.5 stars
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