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Elvis And The Grateful Dead (2009)

by Peggy Webb(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 5
0758225911 (ISBN13: 9780758225917)
A Southern Cousins Mystery
review 1: Ok, let's begin with the fact that I was able to figure out the "who done it" pretty early in the book. Put that aside and you have lots of hilarious situations Callie and Lovie subject themselves to all in solving the murders. You also still have a sense of family commitment and bonding along with the continually bantering that exist between Callie and Lovie, Callie and Ruby Nell (her mom) and Callie and her soon to be ex hubby Jack! Elvis the dog keeps me totally entertained with his outside opinions about murder, family and everyone's love life, including his own. Throw in a new "possible" love interest for Callie, who we met in the 1st book as Elvis' vet, and you have some relationship tensions. Fun to read and to see at the end, if you are right about the murd... moreerer!
review 2: Elvis lives! Elvis, the basset hound, that is. He is not only "nothin' but a hound dog," but the actual reincarnation of The King, and the narrator of this romping, charming series. He is assisted in his narration by Callie Valentine, who fondly imagines she is his owner, but Elvis knows who runs things. Callie's family runs a funeral business in Tupelo, best known as the birthplace of Elvis' first incarnation. Each year, Tupelo hosts a festival with a contest for Elvis impersonators. It's a big honor to win, but someone seems to be trying to rig the competition by knocking off the contestants, literally. Callie and her big, beautiful(190 lbs.) cousin Lovie are racing time to find the true killer before Lovie gets slung in jail. Just as in their first adventure, Elvis and the Dearly Departed, the girls have a big bunch of odd-ball encounters, falling out of trees and hot air balloons and narrowly escaping being poisoned. At the same time, Callie has to deal with police tape in her garden and mysterious goins on with her soon-to-be ex, that "hunka burnin' love," Jack. Will Lovie spend her days in the slammer? Will Callie find happiness with that hottie, Jack? When will the next in the series come out? I can't wait! less
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I love this series but I in general love any book with a basset hound.
Elvis is as cute as ever!!! I give it 3.5 stars.
3.5 stars. Another easy read!
This is a fun and fast read!
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