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Astonishing X-Men: Gifted Prose Novel (2012)

by Peter David(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 2
0785165142 (ISBN13: 9780785165149)
review 1: The plot of the book taken from the graphic novel of the same series is actually pretty basic for a super hero team, I have not read the graphic novel so i cannot say how it holds up to the original version or how much it diverge from the graphic novel. What i can say is that this is my 3rd book from Peter David, I have read his novelization of the first Iron-Man and the Incredible Hulk movies, and both show me that David is one hell of a writer, He seem to know the innate strength and weakness of each particular genre. Like in the movie, its strength is in its visuals while the novel form its strength is that it can dig deeper into the character and he did that with the 2 books, He-he I never thought Bruce Banner has such a sarcastic inner voice it actually makes him f... moreunny or that Tony Stark is just a misunderstood playboy. Peter David makes the superhero actually human. So I went into this book expecting more of the same and He definitely did not disappoint. Since I did not read the original I don't know which part is from the graphic novel and which is from David. I love the team dynamics, usually with stories that stars a team, the members trust each other explicitly and they work as a family, while in this book fights seems to breakout every time they are in the same room together and there is always a slight mistrust at the back of their mind, it actually made it funny and the fact that given their histories and personality being able to work together and trust each other with their lives for a common goal makes them more heroic in my eyes. The scene in the Danger Room wherein they are in the Hawaii, each of them are so juvenile its hilarious. For me the star of the show is Emma Frost, as in she actually has better leadership skills than Scott Summers, the fact that she can handle Logan is a testament to her leadership skills. It is actually heartbreaking when she told Beast that she has a drop dead gorgeous body, intellect and wit to match but she still rate second to a corpse. This is one readable book even for those who are not familiar with the marvel universe because as always David wrote the characters as humans who just happens to have superpowers and not as superheroes.
review 2: Peter David's novelisation of Joss Wheden and John Cassaday's 6 piece comic series is the first adaption of a comic series into writing that I have come across, and it certainly sets the bar high for any adaptions I encounter in the future. Filling in any blanks left by the comics, David's writing is enthralling, capturing all the joyous action and fast-paced adventure that normally accompanies the X-Men, whilst simultaneously building the storyline into a thick slather that compliments the aforementioned action perfectly. Quite an enjoyable read. less
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A good, fun, fast read set in the X-side of the Marvel Universe.
Call me nerd but that was a whole lot of fun to read!
I think I need to start reading x-men comics.
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