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The Orthodox Heretic And Other Impossible Tales (2009)

by Peter Rollins(Favorite Author)
4.21 of 5 Votes: 2
1557256349 (ISBN13: 9781557256348)
Paraclete Press
review 1: This is about as comprehensible as Pete gets, turning overused Christian inspirational concepts on their heads in a way that made me wrestle with my comfortable, one-sided understanding of Christ's teachings. Rollins can be a bit pretentious at times - he's brilliant and he knows it - but I'll forgive him this once because his stories are tightly written and captivating. This book is significantly more concrete than "Insurrection" (which to me felt like deconstructionist ramblings) and is much better for it, in my opinion.
review 2: This is an interesting book and certainly worth the read. Rollins presents thirty-three parables, most pretty brief, along with commentary which informs the reader of the issue he was attempting to get at. In my view, the greatest
... more number of the parables are a success. Some develop out of parables taught by Jesus, others are solely the author's. Effective in helping the reader look at their faith from a different perspective. Makes me want to read more of Rollins work. less
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Rollins writes his own parables. O.OSome are even rewrites of those of Jesus. O.O
Peter writes like he talks. Lots to take in, but worth it.
A couple good parables, but mostly emergent babble.
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