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Behold A Pale Horse. Peter Tremayne (2012)

by Peter Tremayne(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 2
0755377486 (ISBN13: 9780755377480)
Sister Fidelma
review 1: I have been reading the Sister Fidelma mystery series for years. I enjoy learning about Ancient Irish (Hibernian) culture through reading these books as well as the usual enjoyment of the mystery. Most of the books in the series follow Sister Fidelma through her life in chronological order. Most of the books are set in Ireland. This book is an exception to both of the above. It is set in an earlier time in her life (but not before the series started); and, its location is Italy. It was interesting to contrast the culture in this area with the Irish culture, which I find to be very highly evolved. Looking forward to more adventures!
review 2: I really enjoyed this Sister Fidelma mystery, in part because it is a jaunt back in time in Fidelma's life to when s
... morehe was unencumbered by husband, baby, post-partum depression and crippling religious doubt which could cause a permanent rift between her and Brother Eadulf. Who doesn't enjoy the 9th century nun who can swashbuckle with the best of them? Though one often wonders why medieval abbeys were such dangerous places. At least a half dozen of their residents and neighbors seem to die every book. less
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The trivia is more interesting than the plot. I enjoy learning more about ancient Irish culture.
I especially liked the location of the Trebbia Valley in Italy, with its rich Lombardy history.
Very good Tremayne novel, in which Fidelma is just starting out...
Very complicated plot but interesting. A very quick read
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