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The Shelf: From LEQ To LES: Adventures In Extreme Reading (2014)

by Phyllis Rose(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 4
0374261202 (ISBN13: 9780374261207)
Farrar, Straus and Giroux
review 1: I had read about this book in a magazine and thought, "That could be interesting," but after reading it, it wasn't. The premise is: the author selects a shelf in the library where there isn't predominantly one author, that it includes one noted author...and some other guidelines she set for herself, but the problem was...the books weren't that interesting, with the exception of the old original "Phantom of the Opera." This is exactly the type of quirky think I might do. I will still discover an author and then despite their skills (good or bad) read everything they wrote. I've had some people say, "Why?" Well. Why not? In that respect, Phyllis Rose is a kindred spirit.
review 2: OK, so it's not "amazing" as goodreads intends 5 stars to mean. But I found i
... moret to be a perfect book for what it is: an engaging and insightful tour through a selection of books. I didn't end up wanting to read any of them; I am happy to continue on my own reading path. I did like that the project, to read a shelf of books, introduced her to authors that she would not otherwise have found, some of whom really engaged her. In a way, that is what my many book clubs does for me. But Rose is much better than a book club as you get to spend a long time with her cogent discussion of the book, what it meant to her, and where it led her. All in prose that is personable and witty. Recommended for serious readers. less
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Interesting premise--not thrilled with her selections but liked how it drove her to new discoveries
An enjoyable, thoughtful tour through an experiment in random reading.
Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Learnt a lot too.
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