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I Wrote This For You (2011)

by pleasefindthis(Favorite Author)
4.2 of 5 Votes: 5
1926760689 (ISBN13: 9781926760681)
Central Avenue Publishing
review 1: I was at loss for words after I read the last page. The poetry and the black & white pictures are haunting and raw with emotion. I wish I culd have written these. I wish I could read them with to the one I love. I wish I could buy copies of this poetry book and send them out to friends, or leave them in terminals, shopping centers, restaurants, hotel drawers and inspire the next reader who picks them up. Such a lovely read. ;)
review 2: I absolutely loved this book! A beautiful collection of short poetry style stories. I know some people think it's too dramatic and the author is too pompous in a sense by saying, "no one else that reads this gets it." But to be honest, I love that. I love how deeply this author feels love and hate and everything in between. I al
... moreso love the anonymity that comes with this book. There are some great poems in here that stick with you and I would definitely recommend this book to everyone! less
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Hauntingly beautiful. Things you want to scribble everywhere.
I loved it. I love it. Oh my god this was beautiful.
the book of "feels" highly recommended!
one million stars.
4.5 stars
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