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Perfectly Broken (2000)

by Prescott Lane(Favorite Author)
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review 1: This was definitely one book I was looking forward to reading. A pretty cliche plot but I'm always a sucker for it. I love it when I am able to relate to and connect with the characters and Peyton is one character I am able to connect with. I love being able to kind of "live my life" through them.Peyton is one strong lady, though shy and introverted now, you get to see glimmers of her former self. My heart just ached for her as I read. Some might find Peyton a little dramatic and sensitive but I could kinda get where she was coming from. She sees a therapist whom I absolutely adore. She cracks me up! Reed on the other hand, is quite the opposite. The town's rich, hot, confident player who has his own share of demons and definitely not the asshole you expect him to be.I nee... moreded this book. I'd been reading a whole load of smut lately and with work being totally crazy with peeple I'd love to light up and watch them burn, I needed this sweet, heartwarming romance. It was uplifting. One thing I've gotten from this book is that life will get better, nothing is impossible. Definitely do give this a read.The ending felt a little rushed to me. But other than that, the story was pretty nicely paced and flowed rather well.
review 2: "You can't fix me," she said."I'm still going to try. And if I can't, I'll share your scar with you.""But I'll still be broken.""You're not broken," he said, searching her eyes. "You're just under renovation."Perfectly Broken by Prescott Lane was such a genuinely moving book! I loved the unique writing style used in this story. I typically like my stories in first person, but this one was mostly written in third person, and I loved it! Within the story, Prescott Lane switched effortlessly between viewpoints of many different characters as well as between third person and first person (for internal dialogue). This made for such a unique reading experience!I adore stories in which characters rely on and strengthen each other through life's ups and downs, and this was certainly the case for Peyton and Reed. Their characters were realistically written and their emotions were conveyed in detail within the storyline. Peyton and Reed had a gradually developing relationship in which they took the time to communicate and really get to know each other, which was one of my very favorite things about Perfectly Broken!Even with his past and his family issues, Reed was a sweetheart deep down, and he was always respectful of Peyton. Peyton was such a likeable character: an independent female lead with a haunting past, but the strength to keep moving forward. There were many secondary characters in Perfectly Broken as well. Gram was an absolute doll, Quinn and Bret were fantastic best friends, Marion was another strong female character, Richard was a beast, and I really did feel sorry for Griffin in the end. Perfectly Broken was a great book through and through, and the epilogue wrapped the story up in the most satisfying way! As you can tell, I was truly invested in the story and enjoyed each and every minute!**A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review** less
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3.5 starsI loved the slow build romance. Review coming soon.
It was predictable, boring, and cheesy.
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