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Strangers On The 16:02 (2011)

by Priya Basil(Favorite Author)
2.73 of 5 Votes: 4
0552777056 (ISBN13: 9780552777056)
Black Swan
review 1: As this is from the Quick Reads set, I assume that there was some kind of limit as to the length and the author couldn't find anything to cut. This is the only way that the abrupt ending can be explained anything close to satisfactorily. The rest of the book was quite good, reasonably written and fairly easy to believe for the most part, just the ending let it down a LOT. I would read others by this author but I won't be seeking them out.
review 2: This is a terrible book, its only saving grace being that it is short, but even then it is a struggle to read. The narrative voice is very poor and it reads like it has been written by a novice in a creative writing class. The charachters are little more than clichés and have very little going for them. As reliev
... moreed as I was to finally reach the end, the ending itself is as awful as the rest of the story, and you'll be left with the feeling that you've just wasted the last 40 minutes or so of your life reading this trash. less
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It felt like half a book, you didn't get to find out *anything* that happened.
Great start but a dire middle and ending. Just seemed such a pointless story
Too short, too stereotypical, and too open an ending...
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