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A Thousand Glass Flowers (2000)

by Prue Batten(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 5
The Chronicles of Eirie
review 1: WOW...what a book! The story is sweet, a wonderful detailed narration. I'm amazed at Prue Batten's ingenious world created trough this series. Couldn't have imagine it ever, not even in my wildest dreams. The story of the brothers is moving, they all have had tragic stories, being Phelim the lucky one when found by Ebba who protected him and so far the only one to get to know contentment and happiness with Adelina and her child Isabella. Liam and Finian the twins are such strong characters, so powerful and dark emotions they arouse. Not for them the happy life and the happy ending. So hooked with this chronicles that I'm moving right on to the last one The Shifu Cloth. All I can say is well done Prue, very well done.
review 2: A Magical read. Author Prue Batten
... more has created a whirl wind story that takes you on a ride of emotions. The character you’ll absolutely fall in love with. They are very believable and their stories will bond them to you. I found the plot and the pace to be very well done. Not once did I find myself wondering away from the story. The originality of this story put fairy tails in a whole new category. I found Prue writing style to be well developed. There was not anything I did not like about this magical read other then the fact that, like all great stories it must come to an end eventually. less
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This was a great story with interesting elements.
moving quickly through this great series
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