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Relish - My Life On A Plate (2012)

by Prue Leith(Favorite Author)
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Quercus Publishing Plc
review 1: A frankly-told and honest account of her life, her loves, and her career - all the ups as well as the downs, described with her well-known forthright manner. She's not afraid of being self-critical, and makes no bones about the long-standing affair she had which ended happily with her marriage to her lover after many years of keeping the secret. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and feel a new-found respect for good old Prue after reading it!
review 2: I have just finished reading Prue Leith's lively autobiography and I enjoyed it very much. I am not particularly interested in cookery, but I have fond memories of seeing Prue Leith's mother, the brilliant South African actress, Margaret Inglis in "Separate Tables" when my family and I were on holiday in Durban in 1957.
... more Prue Leith is four years older than me and grew up in South Africa so we shared similar childhood experiences. I found the account of her early years in South Africa, and later years in France and the UK fascinating. With most autobiographies and biographies, the years of struggle are usually far more interesting than the years of success, as the successful years often amount to no more than a brag-list of achievements and awards. Although Prue Leith discussed her many achievements, her story held my interest to the end of the book, as her personality and humanity shine through in her writing. Despite success, fame and riches, Prue suffered her fair share of setbacks and she does not skim over the setbacks as others embarking on writing the story of their lives might have done.Not only did Prue succeed as a cook and caterer, but she has published a number of novels in the later part of her life. I have only read one of them but intend to read the others in due course. less
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A good read and a remarkable account of a career in cooking.
Interesting, kitchen disasters & affairs.
Enjoyable read!
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