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Choral Society (2009)

by Prue Leith(Favorite Author)
3.03 of 5 Votes: 5
1847248012 (ISBN13: 9781847248015)
Quercus Publishing
review 1: This book was left by an Australian guest who recommended it as a light read and this is exactly what it was and what I needed at the time, having just read The Journeyer by Gary Jennings. The plot was fairly predictable and the central characters an unlikely trio. At times I felt that the story line was lacking credibility and the characters lacked depth. Time seemed to travel at lighting speed throughout the story with leaps and bounds which meant the author didn't give either the story or the characters the time and effort needed to grow. However, having said that the book did the job as a light read and I liked the idea of the three women becoming friends through joining a choir.
review 2: This novel was a true surprise to me. Written by an author previous
... morely noted for cook books, "Choral Society" introduces four women, all strangers, who resolve issues confronting them in midlife through their unexpected decision to join a singing group. The women are interesting, far from saintly, and their actions were often courageous, sometimes disappointing but true to their beliefs. The novel is well written and posed some interesting questions and reflections to me. less
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Very well done. I think it appealed to me because it was written about women in my age group.
Good chic lit book,about friendship and being there for each other
May 2009
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