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Nightwalkers (2009)

by P.T. Deutermann(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 4
0312372418 (ISBN13: 9780312372415)
St. Martin's Press
Cam Richter
review 1: P. T. Deutermann is an exceedingly gifted and versatile writer; captivating readers with his imaginative, ultra realistic, adrenaline-pumping fiction - everything from battle-intense WWII novels, to historically-infused contemporary thrillers, to his North Carolina crime/suspense series featuring the affable, clever, never-back-down Cam Richter. “Nightwalkers,” fourth in the series, is one heck of a well-written tantalizing, hair-raising great read. When Richter and his German shepherd cohorts Frick, Frack and Kitty(yes, Kitty is dog) head to the country for some fresh air living, they soon learn that charming southern graces can be as far from charming as one can get. Unless one counts ghost-parolees, sociopath stalkers, nutcase neighbors, bitter family feuds, and ... morecursed antebellum money pits as charming. And with each page turned, the plot thickening and the body count mounting, wit-for-wit, bullet-for-bullet, I gripped the book ever tighter plowing right on to the thundering eccentric end. “Nightwalkers” – a fantastic fit for fans of southern flavor crime, or suspense/thrillers or edgy tactical mysteries. And it can be read as a stand-alone novel, though there are a couple references to prior novels: Moonpool – which I've read and highly recommend, and Cat Dancers, -which I haven’t read but it’s on my TR list. Side note: For those who aren't overly fond of expletives, there are bits scattered here and there, but I found them easy to skip over or mentally transpose to something more favorable.
review 2: Former destroyerman P.T. Deutermann began his writing career penning naval action thrillers. He's branched out into a series of mysteries set in the south with a recurring character, Cam Richter) from his "Cat Dancers," "Spider Mountain" and "Moonpool." This novel is set in an area of northern North Carolina, near the Virginia border where I have spent some time. It blends the current era with Civil War tales. less
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I like P.T. Deutermann. This was pretty good.
4th in the Cam Richter main character books.
could not get into it...
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