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Bulldog: Razer 8 (2013)

by P.T. Macias(Favorite Author)
4.12 of 5 Votes: 2
1492282065 (ISBN13: 9781492282068)
Razer 8
review 1: 8 hot men, 8 different outlooks, opinions and scenarios! Bulldog (Travis Graystone) is on the Razer 8 Delta Force Team. Ghost has to call for the infinity team to help rescue his fiance from a prostitution club. The team enters the club and divides up to find Katherine. Bulldog finds Katherine Morgan. Katherine is young, sweet, innocent girl. Bulldog and Katherine face trouble trying to escape. I highly recommend this whole series. If you love reading about military ans romance as much as I love reading about military romances then i think this is a great one to read right along with the other books in this series!!! If you haven't read these books please go out and get them. They are worth the read. P.T. Macias is a very good writer. I loved this book as I loved all her o... morether books as well.
review 2: I have read several of Patricia's books and this is my favorite! I am loving the Razer 8 series.The Razer 8 team is a Delta Force Special Operations team. The team discovers that several innocent young women have been kidnapped along with the girlfriend of one of the team members. The team develops a plan to extract the women from a prostitution house where they have been taken but things go wrong. One of the women who is Katherine, the daughter of a US Senator. Bulldog, Travis, tries to free her from the kidnappers and through the ordeal that follows the two fall in love.There is a great deal of action in the escape. The chemistry between the characters is boiling. A good flow makes this a book you will not want to put down. less
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Love Bulldog! Great character and personality. Can't wait for more!
Awesome, hot, action!
Loved it
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