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The Tenth Life Of Mr. Whiskers (2012)

by R.A. Gates(Favorite Author)
3.54 of 5 Votes: 1
Smashwords Edition
review 1: Amusing enough story, although it doesn't stand well alone. It obviously belongs to a larger, expanded universe; it felt like I was reading a story in a well established series I hadn't read. If you like clumsy hapless witchy heroines and jerky teen boys with hearts of gold, plus disabled characters that aren't used for inspirational porn and zombies, then you'll likely enjoy this one. I'll be keeping this author on my personal radar.
review 2: What I like about this story is the humor and banter of the characters. There is a superb story arc, takes you to a place, then quickly shifts gears to the unexpected, and the humor/horror is done just right to not be overly gross. Of course, the ending is the best and unforeseen. There were a few sections that got me
... more to laugh aloud, which is not easy to do in the written form. Please note: I do not generally read YA and I know the authour, while my opinion may be biased, I am an honest enough person to tell my colleagues if I don't like their work. Considering this, I enjoyed the story very much. less
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quick, fun read. suppose twist at the end. perfect to read during the Halloween month.
Cute, entertaining lunch-hour read, with a fun twist at the end.
I'd call this a YA; and a pretty good one.
Kinda creepy but it was really funny!
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