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Ghost Town (2010)

by Rachel Caine(Favorite Author)
4.29 of 5 Votes: 4
0451231619 (ISBN13: 9780451231611)
NAL Hardcover
The Morganville Vampires
review 1: Ghost Town was a longer book than the previous ones and didn't know whether it was going to be another dragfest or an improvement when I started it. Turns out Ghost Town is my favourite book in the Morganville Vampire series so far!Claire has stabbed and wounded many vampires before but she gets into trouble when she actually kills one. She's punished by not being allowed to sleep until she helps Myrnin to get Morganville's barriers up and functioning. It appears the barriers are working until Claire finds out the people of Morganville, Vampires and Humans alike, are acting bizarrely. They seem to have lost their memories and are living three years in the past. Claire figures out that Myrnin's machine might be the cause of this disaster and heads to disable it. The problem... more is Myrnin has also caught the disease and is under the impression that Claire has killed Ada. Even worse, Amelie and the Glass House residents have succumbed to the disease so Claire is truly alone in figuring out how to put an end to this madness.There were definitely some heartbreaking moments as Eve, Michael and Shane failed to recognise Claire and said some hurtful things. I loved seeing how Claire had to gain Shane's trust and it really added extra substance to their relationship (past 3 books were a bit lacking in this area).A reason why I may have enjoyed this book a lot was that I got to see a better glimpse of the past selves of the characters and what they were like before Claire entered their lives. Ghost Town was an exciting and fast-paced book. I hope the rest of the series continue like this!
review 2: You know that song "No good deed goes unpunished". In Morganville, that is probably the motto.This town is absolutely crazy. No joke.Claire has to try and fix the machine so that humans won't remember anything about Morganville. Needless to say, that isn't an easy task. Another big problem? The fact that crazy things seem to happen even after Claire fixes the machine. Nobody in town can remember anything past three years ago. So, Claire now has to figure out how to fix the machine without the entire town blowing up. Not an easy task.It is Morganville all around. I liked this one because we get to see a little bit more about the town before Claire came to it. A bunch of characters change and all hell breaks loose between Amelie and Oliver. Classic Morganville, great novel. Can't wait for the next adventure. less
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Fantastic! easy to read great plot line good fun looking forward to the next in series!!
bloody brilliant. on to book ten :) :) woah what a ending lol
Another solid installment but I did giggle at the ending...
Whoa! Did not see that ending! wickeddd!
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