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Sterrennacht (2010)

by Rachel Hore(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 4
9022557340 (ISBN13: 9789022557341)
review 1: Jude is an auction house appraiser and get a really interesting assignment on an estate in the countryside close to where her grandmother lived years ago. Jude has creams and so does her niece Summer and these dreams go back into the past of a young girl named Esther who was the adopted daughter of an astronomer. The house where Jude is staying is full of interesting books and objects and she finds hidden pages of Esther. Jude finds a folly on the property where she is staying and discovers many things of the past. The folly holds many secrets but they all come to light. Gypsies are involved in this book also
review 2: A delightful and intriguing tale that unfolds a mystery dating back to the eighteenth century. Not having read any of Rachel Hores previou
... mores novels I particularly liked the way she combines history with a hint of the ethereal. Whilst individual relationships provide a romantic background it does not detract from the main story but serves to give the characters more substance A lot of content but the threads of the story are woven together very well. A good holiday read. less
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And very addictive read. Now I am looking for more books by Rachel but very hard to find.
The story had potential but the writing was only mediocre.
Really enjoyed the story and love her writing
Excellent read!
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