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La Figlia Del Decoratore (2009)

by Rachel Hore(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 2
8863800200 (ISBN13: 9788863800203)
review 1: The story steps between Fran in 2003 and Laura Brownlow in the 1800's a distant relation of Fran. The novel is written around the mystery of an angel stained glass window, amongst other mysteries. It explores relationships and family tragedies. There is a theme of angels in the novel, however it is not fully evolved. I felt it was a bit slow going at times but worth plodding through the middle section.
review 2: My longtime English penpal sent me this book saying that she thought I would like it. And of course after many years, she knows me well. I loved Rachel Hore's complicated characters and the portrayal of human emotion and love. This is a love story but it's about many kinds of love and many stages. Most clearly the message that just because we love doesn
... more't mean that our actions always follow lovingly resonates throughout. I loved the quotes about angels but the avoidance of using them as a plot device. This is kind of an English version of a inspirational romance. I will definitely read more Rachel Hore books. Thanks for sending it, Pat! less
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A typical Rachel Hore story really. Pleasant, easy to read, just ticks along to the end.
amazing story plot with the background of beautiful stain glass history.............
Kind of a predictable love story, but enjoyable nonetheless.
This was yet another good read from Rachel Hore
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