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Southbound Surrender (2000)

by Raen Smith(Favorite Author)
3.59 of 5 Votes: 2
South Boys
review 1: 3.5 Stars!~ Cute book that was funny. Had me laughing out loud at times. Some things you just have to roll with this book. I only believe in one guide in my life and I do believe that things do happen for a reason. For the sake of this read, I just rocked on with the plot because it was sweet.The first (25%) is where Cash is in High School and meets Piper, the love of his life. He instantly knows when he sees her that she is the one!! He does everything in his power to meet her. Cash's behavior changes to where he starts caring about his hygiene, clothes, etc. Piper has him crazy for her especially because she made a higher SAT score than him. Hudson, Cash's best friend, thinks that they are really cool but they know that they are honestly not. Hudson may look more the p... moreart with his shaved head and big muscles but deep down neither have done nothing that warrants anything that makes them remotely bad a** that they try to portray. Cash is more of a nerd with his grades and his tidbits of all his fun facts. He is fifty pounds lighter than Hudson as well. Everyone loves Hudson hence they dont mess with Cash. Piper secretly likes Cash and they have a connection. She has a past just like Cash and likes to play games with him. It keeps him on his toes and I believe thats one reason he falls for her so much. Cash and Piper get into some trouble at school and then the next thing he knows, she is shipped off to her Aunts house.Big Dave is Cash's dad and he is a free spirited father that is loved by all kids. :)Fast forward 5 years and that is where the rest of the book remains. I feel like the first 25% was the best honestly. Anyway...Cash finds Piper through his buddy Hudson. Cash is a truck driver and tells Piper, this is our chance at love so give me 5 days and lets take this load to Miami. Through their journey, they learn more about each other and their past. They meet people on the way and have quite a story to tell!! In the end, I wish their was more on their relationship. An epilogue would have been perfect.**This is my honest review based on ARC.
review 2: Being as this is the first book I have read by Raen Smith, I was delighted by this unique and funny story. We are so used to reading books from the female or dual POV's that it was quite refreshing to experience one directly from the males view.It starts off with 17 year old Cash Rolwand in the summer of 2008 and we are then brought into the future five years later with his funny and endearing commentary.Cash mets Piper Sullivan at their high school and after sharing a compromising moment of "love" on school grounds, they are both caught and disciplined. After losing contact for so long, they are re-united after five long years. Joining him on a journey that is less than a week but jam packed with more memories that last a lifetime., these two provide us with many funny, crazy and at times adventures instances.Secondary characters provide us with even more reason to fall in love with this story. A light, angst free, funny tale across the United States that furnish us with displays of insight from Cash in his unique voice and the drama that Piper provides! It is a sweet journey in re-discovering your first love, while on a trek thru America and is an absolute refreshing read.A great book to read if you want to experience laughter, romance and emotion.Join in on Cash and Piper's adventure and find out if they finally do get their second chance at love. It is worth the ride and think of all the gas money you would save. less
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DNF - will try to come back to it, but didn't connect with the narrator.
ARC given by NetGallery Enjoyable and quick read.
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