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Hello, Bastar - The Untold Story Of India's Maoist Movement (2011)

by Rahul Pandita(Favorite Author)
2.67 of 5 Votes: 4
9380658346 (ISBN13: 9789380658346)
Westland / Tranquebar
review 1: A must read to understand the Maoist movement in India. ... it makes to think again about the value of freedom n democracy. India shining seems to be just an illusion when 49-55% of the population is deprived of nominal healthy food, basic education, health services and the never ending casteism and continuous effort in making mockery of the law n order by the so called law keepers. Appreciate the effort put up by the author. ..!!
review 2: This is about the Naxalite movement that has been declared one of the largest security threats in India. India has a lot economic weight but also significant problems - one of the worst statistics in quality of life. Class divisions that stretch into millenniums. This book is sometimes hard to read and quotes material from
... moreNaxalites but it does help the reader understand the evolution of Naxalite movement and it's appeal to sections of india. Marxist/Maoist revolutionary 'cookbooks' provide a framework that the most desperate have taken up. less
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Compelling account of the proliferation of the Maoist movement in India...
Good book on Naxal history and the reasons behind them....
A special, special read. Needs to be read. Surely.
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