Her Vampire Protector

A tragedy brought them together, but she doesn’t remember. Vowing to keep her safe, he watches over her. Stolen moments, quiet remembrances, forever love… all amid a rising threat.

Someone is trying to make a vampire army by mixing vampire blood. The results are catastrophic and has left the vampires savage. What if there was a cure for vampirism, but it laid in the blood of the woman that drove you crazy. Would you sacrifice her for something that may or may not work? Or would you make her yours and protect her with your life?

Oswald Addison, or Oz, is a Vampire on the Vampire Guard. His soul mate is human and she detests him. He rescued her from a tragic accident and vowed to protect her always, but that promise may be his undoing. Thinking he wiped her mind, Oswald keeps watch over her until he can be with her.

Selene Kittery is an accountant for the Vampire Guard, and she is human. Like many of the girls in the Guard she finds herself pulled towards the vampire Oz. Knowing his reputation she fits the pull, until she remembers. Helpless to know what to do, and desperate for it to be true, Kittery has to learn to trust what has been right in front of her all this time.

While Kittery and Oswald fight their growing feelings towards each other, Tyrone is using vampire blood to create almost zombie-like vampires. The Vampire Guard is desperate to find a cure to help these vampires and cure vampirism. But at what cost?

While the book ended in acceptance, I wished it would have gone on more. I would have liked to see what happened after! How did their relationship change? Was she the one Tyrone was looking for? Did she truly forgive his betrayal because it was to save her life? What was said in the chapel and did the Aunt know Oz was her soul mate from the beginning? I felt Rose left many questions unanswered, and I hope for a follow up book soon!

Roses views of vampires gave a fun twist to the classic perspective of the nightwalkers. I loved how their fangs represented power and added to their sex appeal. The unique view to the vampire mate bond was amazing to witness. The reader could feel the battle and agony in every motion and word. Rose threw in silly moments that added laughter to the book. I loved her strong-willed characters and how realistic she made each one.

I found that the best way to read this book is in one sitting. When life interrupted, I discovered I missed some of the nuances in the book. Her Vampire Protector is book 7 in her series A Romance in Central City. Her Vampire Protector is available in e-book on  Amazon.com. If you like this book, check out the rest of the series available now on Amazon! To read more about Jordan K. Rose, check out the interview she did with The Novel Girl Reads!


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