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Meant For Her (2013)

by Raine Thomas(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Evan Dorsey is a handsome baseball player and Sierra Stratton is beautiful, kind, loving and caring photographer. The first time they met there is an instant connection and attraction. Evan still can't move on his mother death, he missed his mom so much it hurts so badly that he didn't like letting people get close to him. Evan life turned upside down and in the end he just wanted to get through the day with his baseball career to make his mother proud. Sierra was just everything Evan needed without knowing he needed it, she helped him feel, smile, laugh and to dothings he hasn't done since after his mom died. I admire Sierra for her patience and understanding to Evan, the more he pushes her away the closer she seems to get into his heart. It frustrate me sometimes... more when Evan try to protect his heart from Sierra that he build a wall between them and push her away from his life because I love Sierra she is super nice to people that sometimes they abuse her kindness. I think Evan is very lucky to have Sierra in his life but as the book progressed I understand Evan just needed time to see that they really belong to each other and I also love how Evan protect and defend Sierra when she got hurt. Meant for Her is my first Raine Thomas book so I'm not sure what to expect from her but I enjoyed reading the bookI'm sure it won't be my last book from the author. If you want a light and romantic book Meant for Her is the book for you.
review 2: OKay so I wasn't really sure what I was getting into when I started reading this but man was I surprised. Evan is a pro baseball player, constantly drifting and now broken. He's in a bad place that not many can reach him. Sierra has never had a normal childhood, but she loves without stop, helps those in need, and is super nice. WHen she sees Evan at her friends wedding she knows she can help him. Their journey is sweet, hard, and fun to read. IT also has some very hot spots too. From Leo, Miller, and Beck to Cole and Everly. I seriously loved everything about it. less
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SO so so good. I loved Sierra and Evan!!! Also really enjoyed cole and everly being in the book.
Review to follow on Have Book Will Read.
Another good one from Raine Thomas.
Pretty kick ass book!
Beautiful Story!!!!
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