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Crossing The Rubicon (2012)

by R.C. Richter(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 4
1477455221 (ISBN13: 9781477455227)
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review 1: The way that this story was written, as various date entries in a journal really draws you in. It adds to the immediate nature of the plight of the characters. The author weaves a complex and unique tale that catches your attention. This is definitely a one of a kind story that is developed in a manner that is easy to picture. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline, I found that at times the writing style didn’t quite fit. Both were well done but didn’t always mesh together fully. I found that the characters in this novel were only developed through what they did throughout. This stems directly from the way that the story was written. In journal entries one doesn’t stop to describe individuals and fill you in on who people are and what happened their pas... morets. This story took place fully in the characters’ present. That said, the main character was much more developed as they tell the story, therefore you get to know them much more intimately. Overall, this was an intriguing read. I enjoyed reading it. Please note that I won this book through Goodreads First Reads program.
review 2: A part of me will forever be sad of what was the past for these young time travelers. These time-travelers are not your typical teen time-travelers. Instead 7 teens go out on a camping trip to get pulled away from their loved ones and time period. 7 start the journey only to be put through endless obstacles. Some part ways, some don’t make the journey, some create life and all don’t give up hope of reaching their future loved ones. Each new piece of the map is based and placed on a historic time period. Not only are you reading a engaging story you are learning about the history as it was hundreds of years ago. I wish I got to know more about the characters as a whole before the journey began. But, it is a 5STAR timecoaster. less
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This book made me cry! Definitely worth your time. I find it addictive.
My full review along with a signed book giveaway will be on my blog!
Amazon Freebie 11/17/2012
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