#5: Steampunk With Author J. Scott Savage

J. Scott Savage is a middle grade and YA author with a great hook: steampunk and dragons!

Scott’s Mysteries of Cove series is a wonderful example of storytelling, and we discuss plenty of interest to writers and other creators. As a highlight, we talk about how he became a “school visit extraordinaire” (more than 1500 schools!).

For readers, I’ve loved listening to the audiobook version, and you might just get hooked on this fun steampunk series, or his many other books.


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Show Notes: What You’ll Find in Episode 5 Personal Update

This week I keep my update short and sweet since this is a longer interview. Still working on my same series . . . Peacock Lavine and the Aetherian Fates of Nott.

If you’d like to get involved as a beta reader, please fill out the form at CindyGrigg.com.

Interview With Steampunk Author and School Visit Extraordinaire J. Scott Savage

Here’s a list of questions I asked Scott:

  • In this show, we discuss “the punks”, and today we’re focusing on steampunk. Since everyone defines steampunk a little bit differently, what’s your take on it and what do you feel qualifies as steampunk?
  • Tell us about each of your steampunk books or series and why new readers should check them out. Specifically, what themes do your books focus on?
  • Steampunk tends to be all about creativity and innovation, but your Mysteries of Cove books involve a steampunk society that punishes creativity. How did that theme evolve, and what can you tell us about writing against tropes? How did you choose which tropes to keep and which to go against?

  • Christian Meditation @ChristianMedPod asked, “What recommendations does he have for aspiring young writers?”
  • Bill from Phoenix, Arizona: “Could you please explain what you try to determine when it comes to whether a story should be more believable or fantasy?”


Scott’s Book List

  • You are very active in visiting schools and connecting with your readers. What’s your advice for other authors who may not have done that before?
  • Some people feel the time for steampunk has passed, but you’ve published a steampunk book this year, in 2017. Have you noticed a decline in steampunk readers or is it holding steady from your perspective? Regardless of popularity, is steampunk still important? If so, why does the world today need steampunk?
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