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Pastworld (2009)

by Ian Beck(Favorite Author)
3.05 of 5 Votes: 3
1599900408 (ISBN13: 9781599900407)
Bloomsbury USA Childrens
review 1: What attracted me in the first place was the premise of the story -- a blend of the lovely Victorian Era with sci-fi. It put me in mind of the Incarceron books where inhabitants were expected to conform to the Period while underneath futuristic machines and technology enabled superficial grandeur. Unfortunately, the writing was not as compelling as I had hoped, and I couldn't get very attached to the characters at all. It wasn't so bad I couldn't read it; at the same time, I probably wouldn't recommend it.
review 2: This book had promise when I first picked it up.... then.... it all fell to ruins. *minor spoilers* In the end, I had no idea what Eve was, she should be a human right? yeah, well I thought so too. Then she got married to a character I hated who I f
... moreigured to be much older than her (he wasn't I don't think, but I thought he was)you know, I never really say this, but it would have been better if this book went down the typical YA book path. Meaning, Caleb and Eve would be romantic interests, and they would meet in an awesome epic way and the whole story would have been so much cooler if I wasn't so confused, and if I actually cared to figure out what was going on. less
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I wish it could have decided what kind of book it wanted to be.
A bit of Sci-fi...a bit of History...a bit of mystery...
A quick read but suprisingly enjoyable.
I found the book really exciting
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