“Give Love❤️” and You Will “Receive Love!❤️”

Simple Truth

It was quite a love charged world by the time Adam came along, you had all of these beautiful birds pairing up and all of these fish paring up and all of these animals and insects all paring up and so you had God bringing these different creatures to Adam’s attention and Adam was given a special job which you could say was his special career at the time to name all of these newlywed creatures. Adam didn’t just give them any old name, he would have given every one of them a special name and a name that would suit their characteristics and their ways so Adam must have been spiritually in tune with all of these different creatures and was given a special love for all of them and with that special love he named every one of them.

So Adam was a real giver of love, God put Adam in charge of the whole of creation and so Adam, like God, loved every creature that he met and gave them a special name and by the time he was done he found himself all out of love. You picture all of these animals and creatures all running off together with their special names and special mates but in the midst of this love charged atmosphere, one thing in particular was starting to dawn upon Adam and that was that every one of these creatures had a helpmeet, or in other words, a “help mate” (a partner) – “but where is my helpmeet?!” though Adam. So Adam must have been feeling pretty downhearted at this point, he had a wonderful career and a massive responsibility on his shoulders but all of this at the end of a working day was starting to feel like it all meant nothing to him without love. Yes, the animals loved him but he could see that they had a more special love for each other than they did for him so this would always make him feel left out of love and he so needed a special love that loved him like he was willing to love them.

Adam had proved his worth to God, he was a real real giver of love and God’s qualification to receive love is that you have to give love in order to get love so Adam was real ready to get love, he worked hard that day in God’s beautiful creation, the stars were out and the moon was nice and bright but one thing was missing – where was the girl!?! And so God put Adam into a deep sleep and took out a rib that was close to his heart and made him an all giving beautiful woman.
He needed someone to help him and so God created Eve, the mother of all living and you picture Adam waking up in the morning to his wonderful surprise and now he didn’t have to feel half a man anymore and so “they twain became one flesh”- two people that think as two but operate as one just like your right arm needs you left arm and your right foot needs the left foot and if you look at your whole body you’ll see that it’s full of two’s – so they became one flesh! And this is the best example to all of us because so many people these days are looking to get love and it appears that everyone has got it all back to front, the only way that anyone will love you or me or any one of us is if you give them love, if all you ever do is seek to take love from people then it won’t be long before they won’t want you around anymore because all you ever do is seek to take love and not give love. So surely we should follow the example of Adam and be a real giver of love and then God will reward you with somebody else who is a real giver of love. Remember Eve came to be a help mate, she came to help Adam and not to just take his love but to give him love back in return.

So if you’re looking for love then seek to give love and to give love you’ll need the lover of all lovers, Jesus, in your heart. It says of Jesus, “We love him, because he first loved us.” (1 John 4:19) so ask the lover of all lovers into your heart and look for someone that you can love with His love. At first they’ll think that His love is your love but time goes by and you can tell them that it’s His love and the hope here is that they in turn will love you back with His love and this is the best way on this earth that you can ever ever fall in love and give Love to get Love!

“We love Him, because He first loved us” – and without Him – we can do nothing!

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