#BookReview – House Odds

Well as always Mahoney has another problem for Demarco to solve. Mahoney is a high-ranking government official and Joe Demarco is his political fixer/ lawyer/investigator. This time the problem is of an ultra sensitive nature because it involves Mahoney’s daughter Molly. She is being accused of insider trading and Joe is being tasked with getting clearing Molly’s good name and finding the real perpetrators of this crime. But the more and more Joe digs the less and less he and Mahoney like what they find and at the center of it all is an organized crime boss. Lawson really does a great job of encasing his stories in a cloak of mystery threaded with suspense and thrills. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Washington, D.C. fixer Joe DeMarco has been asked to handle a lot of difficult situations over the years for his boss, congressman John Mahoney. But nothing has ever been quite so politically sensitive, or has hit so close to home, as the task Mahoney hands DeMarco in House Odds.

Mahoney’s daughter has been arrested and charged with insider trading. An engineer with a high-flying technology firm, she allegedly placed a half-million dollar bet on one of the firm’s clients. DeMarco’s job is to clear her name and keep his boss clean. But how did she get her hands on so much money to invest in the first place? Before long, DeMarco uncovers far more about the case than meets the eye, and the risk to Mahoney is more than just a little political embarrassment.

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