30 Days of Writing – Day 5

5. If you could be any Disney villain, who would you be?

Maleficent. Like the woman can turn into a bloody DRAGON. The only thing better was if she was a fire dragon (I’m very into elemental dragons…), but dark magic is fine by me as well.

Let’s start with the outfit. I love the dark, gothic look. The black, the purple, the robe, the scepter. I don’t recall shoes, but I assume they’re some sort of dark heels and possible with like a thorny design. Which now brings me to her horns. Wither they’re her real horns or just a headdress, it really gives her a nice, sleek, clean appearance. I just love it.

Like I said before, this lady turns into a mother effing dragon. How cool is that?! Growing up, and even to this day, I love medieval folklore, dragons, vampires, classical mythologies, and secret agents. For a while when I was young, my persona was a secret government agent who turns into a dragon to fight evil on an intergalactic level, keeping peace on Earth. I’m not super into sci-fi, but certain aspects of space intrigue me. Anyways. Dragon. Phenomenal.

And her backstory: betrayed by who she thought was her true love, a man she loved and cared for to the heavens and back, then turned evil. Because let’s be honest now, that level of heartbreak is pretty darn earth-shattering. Let’s also talk about how she’s had some chances to kill Aurora and devastate the King right then and there but doesn’t- like how about in Sleeping Beauty when she essentially swoops into Aurora’s christening and no one really makes a move to stop her. I mean this lady was basically touching the baby and had every opening to just crush her tiny neck (well that was pretty morbid of me…). For someone who’s evil, she’s got some serious dedication to stick with her plan. A plan which, might I add, is not very evil since the fairies were able to save Aurora by casting a spell to wait for true love’s kiss. My dark, inner evil being would have cast a curse so dark and strong that no known spell can counter it. Mind you, I would have crushed that little baby as soon as possible and not bothered with a cruse anyways. I digress- her backstory shows that she’s just an unfortunate misinterpreted soul, especially by the end of her origin movie when she is super protective of Diaval and even appears to be a caring figure to Aurora when she is actually concerned of wither or not Prince Phillip’s kiss will wake her.

But let’s be honest. The whole dragon thing has me sold. I don’t need anything more. Feel free to share your opinions in the comments; I’d love to hear who your Disney villain would be and why!

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