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Electing To Murder (2000)

by Roger Stelljes(Favorite Author)
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review 1: The second of the five books Barnes & Noble has asked me to review, this was a rather action-packed book. I am fairly sure that I have read another Mac McRyan book before. In this one, he teams with Darla Wire, a former FBI agent, to find out what is happening in the presidential campaign--why people are being killed, and eventually why the voting machines are being rigged in favor of one candidate. There is a European connection, and someone named The Bishop is behind all this. Mac's longtime girl friend is working on the campaign, so he is anxious to protect her. Talk about dirty tricks!
review 2: I really liked the latest in the latest installment in the Mac McRyan series. I think this book was a step up from Deadly Stilwater, #2 in the series. I foun
... mored this book fast paced, and a page turner. Stelljes did a great job using the presidential election theme as a vehicle to drive the story line. Mac McRyan reminds me a lot of another fictional Minnesota detective who does what it takes to get the job done, John Sanford's Lucas Davenport. There characters are very similar. Both are no nonsense detectives who get the job done. Both are independently wealthy, as well as, both being former hockey stars at the University of Minnesota. Stelljes even pays a complement or takes a shot at Sanford, I have't decided which yet, in the book. It comes Mac is talking to his girlfriend, Sally, about some money he recently came into and a possible purchase he might make. Mac tells Sally that "a rich cop with a Porsche is kind of cliche". Sanford's Davenport drives a Porsche 911. I am really looking forward to the next McRyan book, although I am a little disappointed with a possible scenery change for the series. I won't give away where the series might move too. But being a native to the Twin Cities, I alway find it kind of neat to read about a fictional story happening right in your backyard with streets and places you can picture. This is a really good book/series in the crime fighting/thriller genera. less
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Entertaining as well as several twists to keep the reader engaged til the end.
Very good! Lots of action, couldn't put it down once it got going.
I could so see this happening in todays world.
A good and entertaining read.
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