Best Foreign TV Series (outside of the US & UK)

It is not a secret that American and British TV series are the most popular amon audiences. We never hear much about other countries’ shows, so here’s my top 3 favourite foreign TV series!

  • Les Revenants

In a little town in the French Alps, some members of the community have to face a scary reality when dead people they once knew and loved are brought back to life without an apparent explanation. Les Revenants (“The Returned”) is a French drama that I recommend to whoever enjoys TV Series filled with mystery and gloomy atmospheric vibes.

If you want to know more about “Les Revenants” you can watch the series trailer here.


  • Fisica o Quimica:

Looking at the title “Fisica o Quimica” (“Physics or Chemistry”)  you might think this Spanish show is something that your science teacher might want to watch. Well, that’s not the case. Throughout 7 seasons, the series tells the story of a group of students and their teachers. It is everything you would expect from a teen drama: love, friendship, bullying, are just a few of the many interesting topics the series deals with.

If you can bear the low-quality video and the bad early 2000’s haircuts, “Fisica o Quimica” should be on your list of TV Series.


  • Skam

“Skam” (“Shame“ ) is a young adult TV series about a group of Norwegian teenagers and their lives. It had an incredible success in the last months of 2016. The series has become more and more popular on the internet during its third season which focused mainly on Isak and his love story with Even.

You can follow the characters of the show on Instagram and  Facebook as if they were actual people. I find this a great and engaging idea!


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