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The Way Of The Dragon (2010)

by Chris Bradford(Favorite Author)
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0141324325 (ISBN13: 9780141324326)
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Young Samurai
review 1: in the story jack and his friends were kicked out of his samurai school. So when they were accepted back into school he tries to learn his secret sword technique so he can get revenge on the ninja that took his book. He wants revenge because the book contains the ultimate power to destroy all japan.now the assassin has attacked jack and his friends at the samurai school now jack is trying to escape japan because he realized that he is a threat to his friends and their families.now jack is fighting the ninja to get his book back to save all of japan. If he gets his book back then he can go home back to england to be with his family.now that jack has beaten the ninja in the ultamite fight he now has returned to england to be with his family.
review 2: I decided t
... moreo read Young Samurai: The Way of the Dragon by Chris Bradford because I had read the previous two books of this epic series and just had to know what happened after that. This continues of the story of an English boy(Jack) whos father was killed leaving him on his own in 1600s Japan where he was adopted by a well respected Samurai. This Series is about Jack training to be a Samurai and his journey along the way.A character I found interesting was Jack Fletcher. After being in Japan for a few years now he has adjusted to life in the far east. He is training to be a Samurai and is excelling. I find him interesting because he can always adjust and adapt to the situation that he is in. He is also very noble and fought against the usurping warlords who were trying to take Japan for themselves.My favourite quote was when Jacks adoptive brother said "Sayonara my brother" just as he was about to fall to his honourable samurai death. This is my favourite because Yamato never really accepted Jack until just before his death. It shows how love is stronger than hate and how everyone is equal in the end.I learned that you need to fight for whats right even if you are outnumbered because in this book 100000 noble Samurai battled to the death against 300000 less honourable combatants who in the end succeeded in taking Japan for themselves. Although most of them died they fought with honour and died with honour. less
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What a pace this book have......i can't believe the end it had reached.......
It wasn't as good as the other books in the series, but still well written.
YAMATO!! Nooo ......!!
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