Blythe, rider and hunter spirit

Security footage of Blythe

Name: Blythe
Gender: Female
Race:  Rider (appears as a humanoid) she rides Taza and is one of Dunklezahn’s hunter spirits.
Magic/Psionic Capable: Not traditionally, as a hunter spirit though she has several spirit powers.
List of Personal Logs:

  • None

Description and Mannerisms 

Blythe is a taller appearing woman. Dark skin with white, gold and blue markings across her body. Her hair is lighter silver/white and her eyes colors shift slightly, with runes that shift when you look at them.

She tends to be one of the quieter riders, following Taza around. She is capable of going fully astral and tracking her prey that way. many of her knacks include tracking, combat and the ability to see in absolute darkness.

Her unusual manner of dress was tribalish at one time, however her exposure to Taza and the rest of the group has left her wearing jeans, t-shirts and cowboy boots. Everyone is fairly sure she adopted the cowboy boots because of Harlequin.

Blythe is in love with Freya and the two of them are loyal to Taza unto death and beyond. Dunklezahn is the creator of her people, and they reference him as “the mountain”, their creator god. After Taza’s rescue of her people and their subsequent living with Dunklezahn and Taza they have grown affectionate of Taza and have named her “The Wind that Wears Down the Mountain”, because of Taza’s ability to change their god’s decisions.

Taza has stepped in with Dunklezahn and has freed the hunters after a lot of dispute and debate with her husband. This has gained her even more affection from all the hunter spirits, and several worship her as the sun in return (much to her chagrin).

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