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Double Whammy (2013)

by Gretchen Archer(Favorite Author)
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1938383362 (ISBN13: 9781938383366)
Henery Press
Davis Way Crime Caper
review 1: An interesting character named Davis Way. A former cop , she has been hired as security at a Biloxi. She is very successful at undercover jobs until it all goes sideways and she is arrested by the gaming commission and then charged with murder. No one knows she is in jail and her father has had a massive heart attack. The court doesn't believe her name is Davis Way and only refers to her as Jane Doe. It's a little slow towards the end of the book but the ending is terrific. I hope the next one is as good.
review 2: The free preview was so good-I paid retail to continue reading! So funny, well plotted, great characters. I couldn't put it down- it is hilarious. If Stephanie Plum moved to Mississippi, this would be her story. Davis Way from Pine Apple,
... moreAlabama takes a mysterious job at a Biloxi casino. Her police background may help her solve the convoluted puzzle or she may end up sleeping with the fishes. Archer has a Southerner's way of looking at things which probably doesn't make much sense to non-Southerner's! But, she throws in tons of gossipy behind the scenes of family and casino life, and the voices are so dead-on and realistic. This is the first book by Archer and it shows in a few slow spots along with the over the top mystery, I had to go back in a couple of places and re-read to make sure I understood who was who, but overall the plot works very well and I can't wait to read more in the series. less
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kinda confusing at first, but Bradley is a sweet man. good story. parts made me LOL.
it wasn't bad. Some good parts but I won't be continuing the series.
Honestly too confusing and bullshit events that pissed me off
Entertaining and cute. A couple LOL moments.
Good finish!
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