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Forgotten Lyrics (2012)

by Amanda Hocking(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 1
1250031974 (ISBN13: 9781250031976)
St. Martin's Griffin
review 1: After reading "Wake," I'm so glad that I decided to read "Forgotten Lyrics" before I started "Lullaby." It was truly worth it! I love Daniel's character, and I'm glad that I learned a little more about what happened five years before "Wake." It explained certain things in more detail, and I was better able to understand some of the things from the first novel. It was short, but to the point. Definitely read it before the second novel in the Watersong Series!
review 2: 4 stars only because it was so short. :( this is great writing, but it makes me curious and hungry for more. (Daniel, Lydia, & Aggie ) seeing the accident and what happened time Daniel is great, and insightful and I'm pretty sure has to do with his resistance to Penn & the sirens singing. maybe a
... moreggie singing to him in that state he was in built up a resistance? idk. I'm dying to know more about our mysterious daniel. pleaseeee. :3 other then not being long enough this was really good , and just makes me want to dive into tidal and see if my theories are correct. I'm sure will seeing Lydia in the next book or something. less
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This answers a few questions the series did not, and it was nice to meet Aggie.
This is obviously leading to something else, but I felt it was a bit scattered.
If you like Daniel this explains more about his accident.
Wonderful story. As much as the Saga where it comes from.
great little book
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