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Blind Man's Alley (2010)

by Justin Peacock(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 2
0385531060 (ISBN13: 9780385531061)
review 1: I won this book on goodreads firstread giveaways. This is an enjoyable book about a young lawyer on the track to become partner at a large New York law firm, who finds himself involved in two seemingly separate cases: the defense of a family owned development company which finds itself in a bind when three men are killed in a construction accident on their project gentrifying public housing, and a young man whose family is being evicted from that housing complex. Many aspects of the story are predictable. The cases end up being connected and the young lawyer is tempted to abandon his principles by sex, power, and prestige. And why not throw in that he is biracial in a very white world. Despite some predictable elements it is an enjoyable read.
review 2: This wa
... mores a great legal thriller with a bit of detective novel thrown in. I liked the main character and how he matured and developed through the story. The character of the reporter was also good, and was a good contrast to the other main female character in the story. It was interesting seeing the cover-up unearthed, though sometimes it was a bit tricky remembering which characters already knew which facts and which characters still needed to discover them. All-in-all a solid read. less
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a look at big time real estate developers in nyc. ending left too much unresolved.
I won this book on First Reads! I can't wait to get it and to read it!
Hard to follow at first but pretty good.
Superb Legal Thriller . . .
3.5 stars
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