Bookshelf tour

I don’t really know how these posts are meant to go, but here is my take on the bookshelf tour.

With moving, I have been able to organise the bookshelves properly, and it is also nice having all the books back together. I have anxiety about a lot of things, but thinking of my books not with me just makes me feel uncomfortable.

So, let’s get started.

Bookshelf One

The books themselves are alphabetised by author surname, but that is as far as I really got, as none of the individual letters are in alphabetical order. Bookshelf one ranges from A to H, with N to R on the top of the bookshelf as I ran out of space. The next steps will be sorting out the individual letters into order, as at the minute, the lack of order is a little unsettling, but I like to think it looks okay for now?

Bookshelf Two

So, this bookcase is a little different. It is still alphabetised, with the remaining S-Z along the top, as well as non-fiction books. The first two shelves, however, are proof copies, with the second shelf also containing my Cassie Clare collection (hidden behind the hunger games and the unpredictability of being human), and my B and N special edition of The Book Thief).

Bookshelf Three

You cannot see in this photo, but bookshelf three has all the non-fiction books along the top, and this bookshelf contains most of my favourites.

Shelf one is my Caine shelf, with my morganville collection, lost library collection, as well as my stiefvater books. It is one of my favourite shelves.

Shelf two contains my Maas collection, as well as all my Kelley Armstrong books. I really need to re-read these books because werewolves, vampires, and other supernatural beings. Plus the TV adaptation was shockingly bad.

Shelf three is a bit of a mix, with the St Mary’s collection, special edition Pratchett and hardback uprooted, as well as all my leigh bardugo books and Becky Chambers books (so far).

Shelf four contains all my fangirl editions, passenger and wayfarer (my favourite books), The Night Circus, Laini Taylor, and dystopian trilogies (THG and Divergent). And yes, The paperback copies of divergent are back to front intentionally.

The last shelf that cannot be seen contains all my harry potter books, as well as game of thrones books. I am unhappy with the layout of this shelf so that is why I haven’t included it in the picture.


I hope this was interesting? I felt like I was wandering in the dark writing this. Let me know if you have any tips on how to improve, and show me your shelves!