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The Contessa's Vendetta (2012)

by Mirella Sichirollo Patzer(Favorite Author)
3.52 of 5 Votes: 2
0986843962 (ISBN13: 9780986843969)
History and Women Press
review 1: I like historical fiction, and this book was no exception. Patzer wrote with a clear knowledge of the language and atmosphere of the times. What was hard to relate to were the attitudes towards marriage, infidelity and revenge. While I was completely sympathetic with the Contessa's situation at the beginning, over time the lengths she went to exact revenge were hard to swallow. And (spoiler alert here), her treatment of her daughter was the most difficult to come to grips with. While she did establish a "relationship" with her daughter in her disguise, I find it difficult to understand how she could leave her with her targets simply to achieve her goals of vengeance.
review 2: The Bard once said, "Hell hath no fury lie a woman scorned" and this aptly appli
... morees to the Countess Carlotta Mancini in "The Contessa's Vendetta", a harrowing tale of vengeance and retribution that is told in the first person. A freak illness renders the Countess in a near-death state that sends her to a premature burial at the hands of a well-meaning monk. Upon awakening, she finds herself trapped in a coffin, but renders sufficient strength to break free of its horrifying confines, and allows her to make a breathtaking discovery. When she finally makes her way back home, Carlotta is confronted with the shocking truth about her marriage, that it has been a sham since the very beginning. The stage is thus set for Carlotta's vendetta against those she believes have wronged her. Along the way, she makes the acquaintance of good-hearted people, such as a swashbuckling, freedom-loving Venetian sea captain and a Venetian landlady and her sweet-natured spinster daughter. But these friendships hold no sway in erasing the anger and bitterness that have taken over Carlotta's heart, and in the end she is forced to make a crucial choice about whether or not she should continue with her harsh agenda, a choice that will have far-reaching effects in determining the rest of her life. "The Contessa's Vendetta" is a page-turning thriller about an unforgettable heroine who will stop at nothing to seek justice. less
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I enjoyed this story, but not as much as I liked the author's "Orphan of the Olive Tree."
Rather predictable, but a quick read. It seemed rather abrupt at the end.
The Count of Monte Cristo for woman.
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