BRAIN STORM By Elaine Viets

The start of the Death Investigator series. This book is set in a small town located in Missouri. It is called Forest and the first families control the town and it has two class distinction. Angela Richman’s parents had served the first family their entire life. Angela was trained as the town death investigator. The story begins as she has been called to investigate the death on one of it first children in a drag race. All involved are members of the elite.
Angela has blinding headaches. On a visit to ER, she was informed she couldn’t have a stroke as she was too young (although she has classic symptoms) and sent home and schedule for a PET scan. The DR doctor is the hospital neurosurgeon. Later another neurosurgeon saves her life. She spends 3 months in the hospital recovering. While there she watched the town glorified the doctor misdiagnosed her and destroy the doctor who saved her. Later the first doctor is killed and the one who saved her arrested for his death. Angela works to help him. She uncovers a billing scam. The information on the hospital stay is excellent.
The stroke data is based on the author’s own experience. I recommend this book

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