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Beautiful Lies (2012)

by Jessica Warman(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 2
0802723381 (ISBN13: 9780802723383)
Walker Childrens
review 1: Overall I liked the book. It took me a while to decide that though. The synopsis of the story enticed me and as it was one of the first books from NetGalley, I really wanted to read it and get it reviewed. I started it a couple of weeks ago. I cant figure out if it took me so long because my life has been super hectic lately or if its cause the writing didnt have a solid grasp on me. Several times I picked it up read a paragraph and put it back down. This is unusual for me. I liked the storyline from the first chapter. There are a few really interesting twists that I did not see coming! These twists also left me confused for a while in the book. Alot of the time I felt lost and like the author overemphasized certain parts. Once I got more than halfway through the book I ha... mored a much harder time putting it down. The ending left me tramatized! I really expected a different outcome. I am a sucker for that pretty little bow at the end. I guess this book had a bow at the end in its own way, just not one pretty enough for me. Its a dark book too. Definitly a good read but wont make the top ten this month
review 2: This book was a total page turner, with lots of twists and turns almost from the very beginning. Sucked me in from the very start. Alice and Rachel are twins who share a unique connection: when one twin experiences pain, it manifests itself in the other twin. When Alice goes missing, what happens to her begins to show up on Rachel and it only gets more twisty from there. Would highly recommend this book. less
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Started out pretty good. Got wacky and very depressing ending!
Can anyone help it won't let me download this book
So confusing- but otherwise an average book.
This was a great book.
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